You wanted to know more about the blog dzoligrafijaputomanija so this is how the journey begins…

Dzoligrafija Travel&Lifestyle Blog was founded in very warm May of 2018, although the idea itself originated back in 2011. At that time I was writing various texts for my own amateur blog. Meanwhile I volunteered for Wannabe Online Magazine and Cosmo Blog for Cosmopolitan Serbia. One of those texts is actually a forerunner of the blog. 


The name of the blog, Dzoligrafija is made of my nickname Dzoli and the word Grafija which means science or to describe. So this blog is really my way of description or my knowledge. It is my science about travels and photography. My vision which I want to share with you.

My old blog did not have the niche, it was just a bunch of thoughts lying around, with no order and about everything. Although good, it was without structure, so it did not held up long. Nor I tried as much. Also, after the college, well known reality of everyday life showed up alongside with „What nonsense are you writing now, do something useful!“ advice.

Since I am very passionate about writing, photography and traveling, I decided to put those three into this blog. I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I did while writing, traveling, taking photos and making it.

Rest your eyes on Photo Diary, and your soul reading the Travel Journal, like, share, leave a beautiful comment.. Write to me on dzoligrafija@gmail.com to express adoration, likes, dislikes, concerns, dilemmas, questions. Also contact me if you have a suggestion for Collaboration. Furthermore, if you need my expertise for making the blog, writing posts, translating them, organizing travels and trips, or instead of email, you can also just use the form on the Contact page.

What are you waiting for?

Join me in the adventure here!

Yours trully,