how to visit several cities in a few days

How to visit several cities in a few days you ask yourself? Sounds impossible, but actually it is the simplest thing in the world, you only need to decide what you want. Sit down, plan the trip roughly, but be prepared on plan changes during the road. Yes, I know. „ONLY and BUT“. Trip planning isn’t easy nor fun for people who are not interested in it. Others it makes feel stresses them or under pressure. So if you like it, this is the story for you. I like adventures and have been in 5 cities for 5 days: Timisoara, Bergamo, Milano, Como, Lugano. So here is some advice how to visit several cities in just a few days.




Google will also do, cause you need to see what countries have interesting cities close the borders, so you can visit all of them in just a few days. Some amazing cities from 2 different countries are away only 30 minutes by bus from each other. My advice is to avoid cities that are more than 2 hours ride in one direction, because you will finish with seeing neither of them. Better option is to travel from city to city, but in this case make sure that there are good connections between the cities. Furthermore, you need know on top of your head how often do you have local transport.



The best way is to go by a car in which case you choose where and when to stop, but you still need to think of parking spots, fuel, tolls… Bus is the cheapest way usually, and nowadays I would advise to think about ride sharing possibilities like Bla Bla Car. The most comfortable choice for me is the train, because for all former mentioned, you need no thinking where is the vehicle, can you park there etc.. Although it has its downsides like you need to bring your bags with you, you need to know the transport timetables, etc.





Second option is that you use transit places between the flights of before/after the flight to get to know the cities along the way. Best cities for this kind of visiting are smaller ones. While searching for flights or cities nearby check also the transport and sights as well. Also you can go early to the city if your flight is later in the evening. For example if you are flying from Timisoara, Bucharest, Venezia, Dubrovnik, even 12 hours is enough for a visit. Of course you can even make it longer if you have the time and the money. You are the designer of the trip.



Just remember that running around several countries is not at all easy, nor fun for everyone. It is not the point to be somewhere and not see anything at all nor enjoy. That is the reason why you need to have at least some sense of how much time you need for what. Second thing is be mentally prepared to run around with a backpack and stick to the timetables. If you need to relax, you know a real vacation, this is not for you right now. If you are under pressure and planning makes you edgy, leave it to someone else.

Also, if you want to make a stop every hour or skip excursions, better choose something else rather than this adventure. Time and organization are crucial for these kind of trips, as well as readiness to less sleep, sleep while on the road, small spaces, eating while walking or in transport, etc. Of course, if your budget and time allow you, you can make this adventure more comfortable for you, maybe less cities, more days in one city, better accommodation and transport, and the trip will definitely be easier.



What are you going to choose depends on you. You will buy and book according your free time, budget, travel solo/in pair/in group, by plane/car/bus/train, stay at apartment/hotel, or mixed! It is also important with who are you travelling because some people love to be located in one place and maybe make a half-a-day or a day trip to some cool place nearby, while others want to be in a different city everyday, some want to just lay on the beach, and others to climb the rocks. So for this kind of adventure it is best that everyone is flexible but also want similar things.


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So think thoroughly about these details to make some plan to hold your grounds to.

What is my budget, my time limit? What cities am I visiting and for how long?

Where am sleeping? What are the means of transport I am going to use?

What local transport to take from station/airport to the accommodation?

How much does my transport cost? How much id the accommodation?

Extra money for sightseeing? Food money?


Example of how to visit several cities in a few days:


Belgrade – Timisoara – van 20-30e return ticket.

Return flight Timisoara – Bergamo with Ryanair-a – 40e.

Acommodation in Milano for 3 people 200e over AirBnB.

Bus from Bergamo airport to Milano return ticket – 10e.

Train tickets to Como and Lugano – 20 to 30e.


Other examples of how to visit several cities in a few days:

Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro are very close in some areas, and you can easily visit them in 5 to 7 days. For example Dubrovnik, Trebinje and Herceg Novi.

Another one is Slovenia, Italy and Croatia. You can visit Trieste, Venice, Portoroz, Piran, Pula, Poreč and Rovinj in one trip.


So for the first example, transport and accommodation for 5 days is around 200e per person, and can be 50e more or less. The price of the stay depends on the location of accommodation, when you started planning, how many people is included. For the second one it can be between 200-300e, again if you plan it properly. Third one is a little more expensive. All three are most expensive in the summer season June-August.

If you want more about planning and organization check Tips&Tricks which should help you get by easier and go to your trip less stressed.


Happy planning adventurers!