Have you ever been to Romania? First time I have visited Timisoara last February when I traveled to Milano. Since my flight was from Timisoara to Bergamo, I decided to make time and visit this lovely city. Here is some very useful info if you are planning a trip to this place – Timisoara guide from my angle.




This city is the third largest city in Romania, after Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca. It has over 300 000 inhabitants. Its location is in Banat in Pannonian plain, and is built on swamp, on the Roman castrum. First time in the history it has been mentioned in 1212. The majority of the people are Romanians and religiously Christian Orthodox. Main language is Romanian and currency is RON/LEI.



Important thing is that Romania is in GMT+2 time zone. I strongly advise that if you are catching a flight here, bare in mind the time difference in order not to miss the flight. Airport is 5km away from the city center, so expect get there in 15 minutes without traffic. Most importantly, transport to the city itself there is 4 airlines, trains, buses, and even some van rides from different countries. For example you can easily get to Timisoara from Belgrade for 10-20 euros in one direction. Within the city you can use taxis and public transportation – buses, trolleys, trams. To be honest my favorite ride is Uber.



Shops are opening from 7 to 9 am, and closing from 8 to 11pm, and on Saturdays a little earlier around 4,5 in the afternoon. Banks are opened from 8.30 to 4pm, and usually closed over the weekends. There are a lot of restaurants, pubs and bars in the city, where you can have a good meal and rest or enjoy the drinks. For more similar useful info visit site – RomaniaTourism and ArrivalGuides.




One sight by which you can easily recognize Timisoara is Catedrala Ortodoxa Mitropolitana, Romanian orthodox church, built between 1936 and 1945. In front of the cathedral there is monument to all the victims of Revolution in 1989. Furthermore, Memorial museum will give you deeper and wide spectrum of information about this huge and important event. From this cathedral to the main square Victory square is a pedestrian area where you can see a fountain with a fish. You can also see a copy of a famous Roman statue She Wolf (Lupa Capitolina), which the city got from Rome. She represents their Latin roots. There are also a National theater and opera house, Hunadi castle which is Batnat museum.

Very interesting, but important monument is a lantern, if you do not know why, you will see it in the text below. A little further is Liberty square to which you can get through street Alba Iulia on which is also a statue of Virgin Mary. Nearby you will find St. George square with his monument and remains of the temple. From here, by street Florimund Mercy, you will arrive on Unity square. Right here you will see Serbian Orthodox Cathedral, Holy Trinity Statue and Catholic church known as Baroque Cathedral. Furthermore, there are two more amusing things. Firstly an 18th century fortification called Theresia Bastion, named after Maria Theresia. Second one is Rose park which gives Timisoara the tittle of the City of Flowers. It is located close to Bega river. For more info on sightseeing check RomaniaInfo.



  • First Hollywood Tarzan actor – Johnny Weissmuller was born in Timisoara
  • Beneath the cathedral there is 5000 oaks which support her not to sink
  • First city in Europe which had horses pulling trams and street lights
  • First elementary school in Romania was built here in 1718
  • The only city in Europe that has 3 national theaters: Romanian, Hungarian and German



City is small, cute and perfect city for weekend stay, just picnic or a transit place if you are catching a connection flight. One day is enough for you to discover, visit and see all the important sights, and second day is more if you would like to just roam around take some pics, and relax. In conclusion, whatever you choose, a day or two it will be more than enough. However, make sure not to miss it because, even though it is small it has a lot to offer.

Hope that Timisoara guide will be of help and I wish you a lovely trip!

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