How much do you actually like to travel? Do you need comfort and relaxing or sightseeing and discovering new places? I love to travel so much that I do not mind about anything except seeing and enjoying new places. For a long time I wanted to visit this magical place, and then one sunny November a friend surprised me and took me on a picnic in Ethno village Stanisici, telling me the history of this place..

Short history

It was founded in 2003, thanks to Boris Stanišić, who was visiting Serbian villages in Bosnia and Herzegovina, collecting ideas and things that represent life on Balkan in middle ages, so he got the inspiration and motivation to build this magical place, which will forever save the old and forgotten way of life which was regular in 19th century.

How to get to it?

Ethno village is located in Bosnia, at the exit from Bijeljina city. If you want to visit it, there are organized tours by travel agencies, and the prices for a one day trip are from 10 to 30 euros, depending on the agency and the package deal. Second way is to just go with a regular bus to Bijeljina, but the best way is if you go by car, also fuel in Bosnia is even cheaper than in Serbia. From Belgrade, this place is 115 to 130 km away, depending on the road you choose, but anyways you can get there within 2 hours.


Village is separated into 2 parts: first one is representing life as it is by wooden houses and earths soft and warm materials. Second part represents spiritual life and the materials building are made of are cold, like stone. This village has water mill, barn, forge, well, 3 bridges, Noah’s arche, railway station Podlugovi and train that goes around the village, 2 lakes in which you can ride a boat, an orthodox church etc. ithin the village there are also 2 halls for birthday parties, then 3 halls Moscow, Volga and Sankt Peterburg, for conferences or weddings, then wellness and SPA center Leonida, recreational sport center Savo Milosevic. You can come here for a day, but if you would like to stay longer, there are 2 hotels Ras and Pirg, and 20 authentic wooden houses for rest and relaxation. There are also tavern Stanisic, restaurant Ellas and tavern Vasojevici if you want to grab a bite or a drink. 


This place is absolutely fantastic for a picnic, long weekend, but also for a lot of different celebrations, and of course photoshooting, since everything here has fairy tale magic starting from the lakes, swans, bridges, boats, train to houses, everything is very photogenic and cute. I recommend visiting at least for a day, if not longer, but make sure to see this beauty if even for a couple of hours, it is special in every season of the year.

Now when you have all the necessary info on this you can easily plan a visit to this wonderful ethno village. 

I wish you a safe and fun trip my dear adventurers!