If you want to know what are the most photogenic places in Belgrade you are in the right place. My blog actually started when I realized that I have so many beautiful photos from my travels, and my birth city. Also I knew that I have a lot of information to write and share about places I have visited. Also when I am not traveling I love to go outside and just enjoy in Belgrade and of course take shots anywhere I go. With that being said I would like to show you some of the most photogenic places in Belgrade. I also believe it is a perfect addition to my previous text about Belgrade.


Knez Mihailova and Russian emperor building 

  • Main pedestrian street that begins exactly here as the first picture is showing behind Palace Albania, and got a name after Prince of Serbia Mihailo Obrenovic. In this street there are many monuments, and also this one mentioned as Russian Emperor is one of the most beautiful buildings in Belgrade especially when both fountains are working.



Republic square

  • main city square and most often a meeting place for Belgradians put people from Serbia too, well known as meeting point by the horse, meaning in the statue of Mihailo Obrenovic on the horse. You can also see National Museum and National Theater here on this place.



  • wonderful park with a fortress and the most visited spot, because around 5000 people pass by the sight every day! It is also one of the biggest parks and you can see it has a great view on the statue of Victor, the river and sunset.


Gardoš plateau i Zemun quay

  • Taurunum, today Zemun, was built right at this spot, on this plateau. Also it has a Millennium tower more famous as Gardos tower. Along with that there is a fantastic view on Zemun and New Belgrade, and a little lower is Zemun quay. The view is especially beautiful in the sunrise.


Quay on Danube on the New Belgrade side

  • best quay for chilling and walking by the river, with many clubs, bars, but also a fantastic view on the Old town, which is exactly a Downtown, so you can enjoy a drink with a view.



Ada Ciganlija

  • it is a river island, but people call it Belgrade sea, and it is the best when the sun is going down. You can take a walk, ride a bike, take on some other sport, sit in a cafe, or just enjoy by the lake.

Botanical garden Jevremovac

  • she got a name because King Milan Obrenovic gave his land to the city for this purpose, and asked to be called by his grandfather from who he inherited the land. This is a true city gem becase it is right in the heart of the city and you can hide here from the jungle of cars, smog and hot pavement on 30+ degrees Celsius.



Temple of  St. Sava

Vracar plateau, important in the history of Belgrade because here were killed some of the most important Serbs, and today here you can find the biggest Orthodox church in Balkan, and it is a Temple of St. Sava.




Terazije square

here is a famous hotel Moscow and Terazije fountain, and below is park called Terazije terrace, and this is a favorite place of collectors who are putting thumbnails into albums, this is the place where they exchanged duplicates. Along Kralja Milana street there is so many more wonderful views.




Nikola Pasic square

this square was called Marx and Engels square up to 1992 when it got a name after first Minister of Serbia Nikola Pasic. Nearby are also History museum and National Assembly.



Kosancicev venac

place where you can see some of the most important cultural and historical buildings like Cathedral church, remains of National library, but also fantastic view similar to the one from Kalemegdan – river, sunset and New Belgrade.



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