Stress free packing for the (long) weekend. Is it really possible? Do you also love travelling but hate packing? Every time I get nervous and grumpy, so much that it would be best for everyone to just get out of my way before the storm passes. But in time I found a way that suits me. It doesn’t matter if I am going to a short or a long trip, I am always using the same technique while packing.

When I went in February for a 5 day trip, women asked me how in the world I managed to pack myself in only a backpack? As soon as you realize you really do not need the whole house to go, packing will become faster and easier. So here is how the stress free packing for the long weekend looks like.



When it comes to packing for a short trip, and by short I mean less than 7 days, you need to get your needs down to the size of your backpack. So, big bag, lots of possibilities, small bag, fewer possibilities. Why would you bring three pairs of jeans for 5 days? Or 2 for only a weekend?

If you are doing that, it means you need to cut the number of things you usually wear in half. Let me be clear, it is not ok to overpack, as it is not ok to underpack. Balance it out. Do not pack „just in case“ clothes, especially when you will be away less than 7 days. Only necessary clothes plus one more combination if you desperately want something like that, but it is more than enough.

That is why I insisted so much on check and to do lists in my previous post. Better safe than sorry, so list could help you with that. Whether you are relying on your lists or your memory, you still need a good plan that will be your guide while packing with no stress whatsoever.




Except from the fact that I always have the lists, I am packing my suitcase like this. I take out everything that I would like to wear and put it in front of myself while trying to imagine how and when I would wear it. Right there several things are „a no go“ due to the impossibility of combining them with other clothes or they seem to be not as functional for that trip.

Usually, everyone is advising a different approach – firstly to put basics in the bag and then just add things that can pair up with the ones you have already picked. For the others, feel free to try my approach of taking stuff out instead of putting them in. For short trips I am exclusively packing clothes that can pack up to a size of a jacket pocket and don’t need ironing after.

Depending on the size and the weight of the bag, you will decide which way suits you better. The truth is that it is harder to pack for a winter trip, than for a summer vacation, but the principle is pretty much the same. Heavier clothes you get to wear and all lighter clothes just pack in the bag. It would be good that you decide what will you wear each day. Even better, just pack all pieces of clothes that can combine with each other. That is the best way to save time, space and your nerves.




When it comes to the toiletries and vanity cases, do not bring along bottles of 0.5l or 1l. Instead of that buy small travel kits which contain empty bottles. You can find them in stores like specialized for beauty and health products. Also in these stores you can find an already known product of your favorite brand, but in a smaller packaging. I would advise that you buy existing things in small packs. If cannot buy in that size, just pour the liquid yourself into empty small travel bottles.

Furthermore, when if comes to underwear, pack it in baggies or special pockets. You don’t need a lot of underwear because you can always wash it and dry much faster than anything else. Socks can fill the empty space between the clothes. Pay attention that every inch of the bag is used. When it comes to shoes, if is best that they are not taking all the space in the bag. If you are wearing heavy-duty shoes, under condition they are cosy, it is best to travel in them and pack something lighter. Basically it is the same as with clothes – wear larger and heavier, pack smaller and lighter.

If you are staying less than 7 days my advice is not to bring many gadgets. Personally I am never bringing my laptop with me anywhere. I believe only in case of a business trip this is fine. Otherwise you are doing same things you normally do. Now that you are on a vacation so rest and relax a bit. Also why would you put on your back more weight than needed really.


I already know that you packed a half of your closet which you don’t need, so please double-check it.

Or read again my stress free packing for the (long) weekend advices.

What else can be said except be wise and happy stress free packing for the long weekend!

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