All you need to know about basics of trip planning is here. I doesn’t matter whether you are highly organized as a person and you like to have all your moves planned ahead, or you like to do it as you go, if you really want to have a good time on a vacation, wherever you might travel, you still need to make a plan first. My opinion is that you are very unreliable as a person, if you do not know the basic things about the place you are visiting and the details of the trip. So here are some basics of trip planning you need to know.


For starters you need to have some vision of your future travels. That is the first step. Give yourself a clear, realistic goal, and head towards it. Here are some basic questions that need to be answered when you are planning a trip. Where? When? How many? With what? With who? How much? So, where am I off to? When do I leave? How many days am I staying? What is going to be my ride? Who am I travelling with? How much money do we need?


Then start a travel research and browse the internet as much as possible. Get the most of it. That is step two. Destinations, means of travel, accommodation, package deals, all that you can find on web sites of: travel agencies, accommodation rentals, carriers, etc. If you are not feeling safe to buy or book something over the internet, no need to, at least you can easily inform yourself about market offerings and in the beginning, remember, you are just asking around. After you have all information you need, then you can go to several travel agencies, or better yet, visit the Tourism Fair if possible. You can also ask friends to tell you about their experiences.

With these two steps you can make a solid opening plan, and only when this is done, you can start choosing the offers. After you asked about every single detail and analyzed every offer, only then start booking, making reservations, and paying.


Happy planning!


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