What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word Spain?Every single time, I have thoughts of myself, lying on some beach with a book in my hand, enjoying the sound of waves, the smell of sea, wind in my hair, sand beneath my feet, surrounded with dear people and smiling faces… for me there is no better vision of joy and happiness. It is exactly the reason why Spain is the first to be spoken of, when I’m asked about my travels. Even now, she deserves to be mentioned in the opening post. Actually, that is why she is „her majesty“, because for me, it is the most beautiful country that I have ever seen, at least until now. However, don’t get me wrong, she has to offer so much more than just beautiful beaches. I present to you her Majesty, Spain.


I have visited Spain in 2008. when I signed up for a Senior year road trip through Italy-France-Spain, while I was the only freshmen there. As nobody could’ve traveled with me, due to the exams, I have decided to travel alone, and for safety, I reserved a spot through my Faculty and travel agency from Belgrade called Rhapsody Travel. I did not even know that it was trip for students of the last year of faculty, nor did I care actually, I just wanted to see Spain, that was my main goal. This was the only option at that time, so I went to an adventure. Sometimes, I even ask myself where did the courage come from, but that is what happens when you want something, you are not sitting around, waiting for things to just happen, you fight for what you want. Alas, that is your wish, your goal, not somebody else’s, so whether it comes true or not is important only to you, nobody else. No one will be running around acting as your genie from the bottle begging you to grant your wishes. Be brave when it comes to your dreams, no matter how big or small, possible or impossible they might be. At last, nothing will fall from the sky to your lap. Get moving. Join the adventure. Live a little.

So it was a wonderful road trip and I have seen three countries and a lot of cities in twelve days, among them Barcelona. After that first trip, I have visited Spain for next two years in a row. Firstly in 2009 off to Barcelona again, and for the very first time, I have traveled to amazing Valencia. This time the apartment in Valencia and Spanish language school were reserved over Faculty of Philology, but accommodation and plane tickets to Barcelona, as well as bus to Valencia, were all booked over the internet. Then in 2010, finally there was a trip organized with help of the internet only. Return plane tickets from Belgrade to Madrid, bus from Madrid to Málaga, and one way plane ticket from Málaga to Valencia; accommodation in Madrid and Málaga , and in Valencia we stayed with some friends. Apart from Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid and Málaga, I have visited some smaller places like Lloret de Mar and Tossa de Mar, also Figueres, birth town of Salvador Dali.

If you ask for my opinion I liked Madrid and Valencia best, because I see them as true representatives of Spanish architecture, culture and life of Spain in general. When I saw them for the first time, I could imagine myself living in them. I would always come back to Spain. It does not matter whether I return to the city I have already seen, or going to the place that is just in the plan to be visited, Spain is always a good choice.


So, be close to your computers, tablets and phones, because in the next posts I will write about beautiful Spanish cities that I have had the chance to visit, and also there will be some guides, tips, as well as my impressions and photos from travels, and postcards you can check here.

Stay tuned…